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Article manager new feature bug

@sven the new feature to insert additional links from project its always inserting the same anchor twice... and it says additinal missed one O there


  • SvenSven
    OK spell error fixed, the other also (have to debug).
  • SvenSven

    Checked it and couldn't locate any bug. You see that on submission or on test/preview?

    Keep in mind that this is really random and it can of course also have the same URL insert more than once.

  • yes on submissions, i let it run for couple of minutes and checked 10 different sites with 2 links some with 3 and in the 2 links sites its always the same anchor, in the 3 links sites its always 2 similar anchor and 1 different, i know the possibility of randomness could match same anchors but its in all the articles i have created with that option on.... Also if i test that project i see on the test screen 1 anchor as ahref html code and the other one as %link% 
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