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phpIzabi for Social Networks

edited November 2012 in New Engines/Platforms
Dear Sven, dear Ozz and everybody who knows to code an Engine…

My next Suggestion is phpIzabi. Some Sites have a lot of Opportunities e.g. (blogs, member site, forum…)
Most allow registration, profile editing, posting.

phpIZABI SItes:

"Powered by PHPizabi" "Drop your"
"powered by phpizabi" inurl:?L=registration.register

WHat do you think about phpIzabi?

Thanks Marc


  • i made the suggestion before and i think this platform should be added , there is quite many sites out there suing the PHPizabi software
  • SvenSven
    Added for upcoming version. Though the blog submission didn't support anchor texts, just plain URLs where the URL itself s the anchor text.
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