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New way to add generic anchors?


I know there's the file for generic terms like click here, continue reading etc.

Well, I'm also using GSA outside the English market, and I'd like to include those random terms in there as well - in the respective language.. It seems like I can't do that right now without making them appear in all of the other projects as well.

Could it be so, that I could either
1) paste in my generic terms in spintax format
2) choose a different file for these terms?


Best Answers

  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Accepted Answer
    You can find that in Options > Folder with data files to use

    Read the hint.
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Nothing...I made a mistake ;) Next version will point to the correct file. Just ignore that for now.


  • Hello Miren!

    Thanks for the answer! I did just that, but when I go and try to click on the generic anchors and make some changes, it still says I'm about to overwrite the file in the engines folder. What might I be doing wrong?

  • Ok, great! :)
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