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Numbers being appended to end of Anchor Text

Have just started using GSA today and found that for about 30%+
of submissions and underscore followed by numbers was being
appended to the end of the anchor text.

e.g. anchor text_58799


  • SvenSven
    URL Shortener?
  • edited March 2014

    took a look at my contextual projects, and seems like this appears for expressionengine

  • SvenSven
    Oh that one...yes true. I made a change to that engine because that was used as login as well. And if it was not unique it didn't allow posting. Maybe I should make it the old way again.
  • Okay thanks @Sven. I don't know the old way's behavior, and also the best way to handle this. If it needs to be unique, maybe instead of using numbers, why not use/append a generic anchor or domain something?

    Anyways, current behavior now really seems not correct.

  • edited March 2014
    it looks bit suspicious ): if each post had that numbers at the end of the anchor text, could be good to fix it in some way, or disable submissions to Xpressengines untill it with be possible to solve in some way
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