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SER In The News

Interesting read for all here.

Enjoy. Check the comments out.


  • SvenSven
    Oh well the option to search for random keywords and take the URL from search engines is off by default. But yes, negative SEO is a problem and I can not think of a good solution here either.
  • edited March 2014
    Guns kill people, right? You can take any linkbuilding tool and use it for negative SEO, but if I were really into that I'd just order a 25k link gig on fiver for a couple of bucks or go to, order a few thousand spam links with overoptimised anchor text and watch them drown in craplinks - why use a good tool like SER for dirty work when it is clearly not intended to be used that way?
  • I think Google may outsource another batch of manual reviewers after the corporate post. SEO is becoming politics as well in which the well-funded gets better deals.
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