7.94 Fixes Global Verified Save Issue - Well Done Sven!

goonergooner SERLists.com
I've been testing 7.94 and it seems to fix the problem of saving to global verifieds.

Massive well done and thanks to @sven. Great job! :)


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    +1 Nice work @sven.
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    Now, how do I get the verified URLs from my Project List to the Global List?

    Can I do an Active (Re-verify)?...
  • goonergooner SERLists.com
    @olve1954 - I'm not sure if that would work, hopefully it does.
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    @olve1954 - You're going to lose a lot of previous verified links if you do active reverify if for whatever reason, SER is not able to verify them this time around due to slow loading or whatever. In this case, it doesn't matter since they aren't saved globally anyways. If you trust they are verified, I would just export them on a project by project basis and identify and sort in to your verified folder. Issue is fixed through, praise @sven.
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    yay :) Gj @Sven
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    Thanks, @JamPackedSpam. Will do that...
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