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How to build/get massive lists

Hi, I am looking for help on how to get/build massive lists. Currently, I am using Scrapebox (scraping with footprints and also using the blog comments external links method) to get links. While this method has worked for youtube videos (which just require blasting), I have found that many of these links do not pass the filters I have set for my money sites (e.g. < than 100 outbounds links, > than PR 1, no-follow links etc). How can I get links that I can use for my money sites as I am always getting "no targets to post" even when I scrape with GSA search engines? **I am using private proxies (10)


  • goonergooner
    You can scrape using SER inbuilt footprints, put them into Scrapebox.
    If you want more advanced techniques there is a course here in the BST section of the forum that is very good, you could also consider Footprint Factory software to get better footprints and combine footprints.
  • @gooner Thanks for the tip, I will look into the course.
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