If you have purchased hotmails on / admin . banditim . com/dashboard.php ----  try to check/test your emails on your GSA campaign(s) twice.
Test it twice.


I did changed the new POP but still failed to succeed.



  • Are you using proxies?
  • How much time passed between the first test to the second?
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    Yup, I'm using private proxies. Time 3-5mins.
  • I had the same problem, but now i am usng 900 seconds between login and it seems working
  • @meph.. did you checked the 900 secs? and run the test twice? is it working? because on Asia Virtual Solution set of Hotmails in the campaign I bought was all fine, even I test those list of emails more than 5 times..
  • Hmm after checking twice i have the same problem - thats strange, will test more soon
  • this is bad, its affecting the LPM/Search&Verify etc...
  • goonergooner
    The guy who runs that site @banditim is very helpful and runs a great service, so now i have tagged him in this post i'm sure he will assist you guys soon.
  • I tested again the same emails and now they are working, I also also checked twice and now all of them are working 
  • @meph How did you do it? Just checking the 900 sec option?
  • I have checked 30 minutes later and they were working - then try several times in a row and also they were working. But after more times they stopped - it seems there are some limits??. 
    I am using 900 seconds between logins.
  • Thank you @meph. But I was just wondering why the hotmail accounts that Asia Virtual Solution uses in my campaign are working fine. Anyways thank you again.
  • i bought some hotmails from Bandit a few weeks ago and they all failed, i was so disappointed i ended up buying from someone else (yahoo) and they all worked and continue to work, i hope Bandit has sorted it out because i still have credits there.. i guess i should've asked for a refund of the failed accounts but might be too late now.
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    @meph/@morningcofee - What error is it giving you? I can confirm that we have a few heavy GSA users who buy 1k accounts daily and they have no issues at all. Usually with these types of things it comes down to the proxies or settings you have.

    @william88 - A few weeks ago was when Hotmail disabled their POP3 settings on all accounts. All new accounts are working now again. Contact support and we're willing to give you free accounts to replace the old ones - no problem :)

    @gooner - I appreciate the kind words gooner :). As he says guys, if you don't contact us at support[.a.t.], then we have no way of knowing your accounts are not working.

    Most of the times (we've yet to come across a time that this isn't the case) it comes down to the user's personal settings and we can usually troubleshoot you through the process.

    One thing to note: although you're setting a 900 second delay in your settings, if you continually call their POP3 server to test the inboxes (to see if they are alive/dead), that's NOT 900 seconds delay, which is why it's saying they are dead. If you test once and just let GSA handle it from there you should have no issue in that regard.
  • O.K, thanks, i'll do that shortly, i'm just nipping out for my dinner..
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    @BanditIM Actually you've done replacing the old list I have last year. That's why I'm still frustrated that I'm still encountering failed email tests on GSA. I was wondering how come Asia Virtual Solution set of emails are all fine, even how many times a test the lists consecutively.

    Private 30 proxies are all good

    1st test

    2nd test
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    @william88 - Sent you an email and credited your account back. Any new purchases you make will be with the latest accounts that work fine with GSA :)

    @morningcofee -- You're getting that problem because you're accessing the same POP3 inbox too fast. Since we sell alias accounts, when you test your list you are hitting 11 accounts that share the same inbox -- resulting in a temp ban for POP3. When GSA actually runs, you won't have this problem because it'll simply use another email if it can't connect to one.

  • @BanditIM what do you suggest? How to set GSA not to test/open POP3 too fast? Why the list of Asia Virtual Solution doesn't have any issue?

    Note: I'm not promoting Asia Virtual Solution :)
  • You're causing the issue because you're logging into the same email accounts 1 after the other (alias accounts share a parent email). Check the box for 900 seconds between logins.
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    @Justin - Thanks for the help and support. You are exactly right :)
  • @BanditIMToday i found many errors "Valid name, no data record of requested type" What does it mean?
    I tested this accounts in ser (logging) and they are fine - but way SER is showing this error ?
  • I compared two campaigns having @BanditIM email list v.s the Asia Virtual Solution. Big difference in terms of LPM/V/S/Submission etc..
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    @meph - That doesn't sound like an email error to me, nor have I had anyone ever bring that one up. Are you sure it's related to emails? Maybe try contacting sven to see what that could be.

    @morningcofee - There are many variables when determining LPM/V/Submissions, not just emails. If you truly believe that's the case, then I' not stopping you from using other providers ;).
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    I have bouthg a package of accounts some time ago but recently I observe a strange thing I have about 5K submitted in some projects but only 300 of verified, when I check the mailbox manually I see all that 5K in the inbox despite I have GSA SER set to delete emails after found a link inside the message but it seems like GSA SER is not able to verify that emails don`t have idea why, I can open each email manually I see the activation link inside but SER do nothing with that. Do you have any idea what could be a problem with that ?
    SER can login to the account cos I see it in log file but not many happening then, it veryfy 100-200 from time to time but that`s all I have a projects where I have about 50K submitted but only 3K verified, in such projects I have about 10 hotmail accounts.

    I am not saying it`s a problem of accounts but maybe someone of you could advice me what to do in that case cos I have a lot of similiar projects, I have thousands of target sites (contextual) I can post to but SER can`t verify that submissions, all the emails are in the mailbox but ser can`t verify them. How much time is needed to verify lets say 5K emails ?
    Is there any limits in activations  each time it`s login to the mailbox ?
    Why it can`t just get all the messages from the mailbox at once and activate ? (problaby question to Sven)
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    @thomas73 - If you purchased your accounts before March you need to contact our support{a-t] so we can replace your accounts. Hotmail disabled all POP3 on accounts before that day, we're fixed the issue with all new accounts :). Your other thing to look at is to make sure to check the box "Wait to login" and input 900 seconds.
  • Okay @BanditIM is the best!!!!!!!! :):):) lol!
  • Some of my campaigns are running fine now with @BanditIM emails.
  • I regularly buy from Bandi Tim (as I like to pronounce it LOL) and all emails have been fine for many many months.
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