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SpamVilla Retries ?

Hi everybody, I'm new to @spamvilla .. what is the best settings for SpamVilla retries in your experience ? Are you guys using 0 retries or 2/3 retries ? Currently I'm running SER on a vps with 30 semi dedicated proxies and 220 threads. Captcha settings are in the following order : 1- SpamVilla ( 10 threads package ) 2- CS Also how do you guys check the performance or accuracy of SpamVilla while using it in SER ?


  • Wish i could help you mate, i'm still waiting to be switched on!!
    paid for the service and it's still pending, sat here twiddling my thumbs! thats one way to lose custom......, my customers will be complaining at me soon.........., oh well
  • edited March 2014
    @william88 Did you use the same exact info on your paypal in the registration ? they delay it for fraud check and they are strict. If you used the same Paypal info in the registration it will be much more faster. Wish you good luck.
  • Yes, i used the same info for paypal.
    i am going to give them 2 more hours then i'm going to try another company because this is ridiculous now......i just want to get my work done!
  • According to my researches , they are the best nowadays but they are slow in support sometimes. I would recommend you wait a bit. I see the service is not bad..... Anybody using spamvilla can comment on the retries settings ?
  • SpamVilla's sucess rate is beyond pathetic. I have had better results with reverse p ocr
  • @william88 we hold funds for 24 hours for fraud orders but i will process them in next 30 min or so all pending orders sorry but online fraud is big thing we got regular fraud orders which is why we changed the process a bit
  • @mamadou set reties as 5 you will get best success rates
  • @spammasta i duno but till atm spamvilla repcaptcha ocr success rate is more then any other services exist i can even proof that with test
  • @spammasta .. how do you check the spamvilla's success rates ? by submissions / verifications rates ? ....@spamvilla thanks , I will try that.
  • @mamadou what software you are using please tell me i will help you to get accurate results and so you can add my in skype to : kelvinthechamp
  • @Spamvilla ... I'm using CS / GSA SER / 30 semi proxies / 220 threads.
  • Hmm 30 proxies are less for such huge threads as this can flag your ips very quickly and you can get blobs captcha;s which are solvable with great accuracy
  • @Spamvilla .... so what do you think is a good number for threads according to my setup mentioned above ?
  • Well the same number of proxies i am running for my own usage 50 threads with 3 projects active never got a problem with blob captcha
  • Hello!

    This SpamVilla thingy smells a little bit suspicious to me. I need some business information for my accounting. Very simple stuff, like what country is their business located in.

    I asked for it, and they said they don't give out "that kind of information".

    I tried to call their customer service number (which is in India). The number is not in use.

    I stopped the subscription because SV just didn't keep up with GSA. Now I'm stuck figuring out how the hell I find the relevant information about them.

    I dearly wish I never subscribed for this service.

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