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Proxies Failing

@sven: looks like the latest version has a bug:

16:02:04: [-] 28/38 Article Script url resolve failed (proxy:

I am getting this with brand new proxies. I was getting them with the other proxies as well.


  • @satans_apprentice - same here. this was happening with 7.90 too though.
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    That's not a bug, those messages, actually all the URL resolve failed messages for that matter, means proxy is banned.,
  • Same problem here
  • Proxies banned by what? I'm not using Google. Just posting. Brand new proxies.
  • i have the same issue, my proxies are getting banned and im not doing any search on google, i just untick the option to disable banned proxies, and everything ok.
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    There is certainly an issue present. I'm getting loads of URL resolve failed proxy message and like @satans_apprentice, I only process lists with SER and don't use it for scraping. There should be no reason for proxies to fail on FRESH scraped lists where they haven't been hit by your IPs before. The chances are very low, and this is happening at a high rate. I've noticed it specifically for Drupals.
  • yes,something is wrong we get a tons of complaints since yesterday with the same message
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    @Sven - Did a proxy test this morning for around six hours - the results were like follows. Please note that these are all semi-ded (from buyproxies) or dedicated proxies (set up myself) - with the 2xx fails being dedicated

    Setup was 19 proxies, 150 threads, 180 timeout, 120 Mb/s connection

    Started: 20140319,00:05
    Finished: 20140319,05:59
    total - 153289 events
    download failed - 10820 events
    url resolve failed - 1037 events
    -- - 292x - 296x - 501x - 568x - 281x - 248x - 743x - 692x - 669x - 293x - 399x - 391x - 643x - 723x - 536x - 443x - 497x - 735x - 712x
    Total: 9662 times failed

    Q1: 10k fails in 6 hours? What is going on?
    Q2: Why does the number of IP address fails not match the number of events?
  • to answer your Q2, not necessarily a download fail or url fail its because of a bad proxy, it could be that the url doesnt work or that the url its taking more time to load than your html timeout setting, i believe there are more possibilities but if its one of the above your proxy will not fail but still the url will say download failed.
  • This is also problem for me rightnow and i did check everything and it is fine at my side so it must be some bug.
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