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(verify only) and (Search and verify)

Hello there,
i have little bit confession about (verify only) and (Search and verify) in status.
what exactly its doing in GSA SER and if i want to check out verified links means which one is best for quick process..


  • i'm not sure

    Verify - verifies only the verified submitted links
    S & V - verifies the submitted links to become verified links

    Please correct me if i'm wrong.
  • SvenSven
    You would use Verify Only, which will take your submitted URLs and check if a link is present already. "Verify and Search" will search for new targets + verify. This is useful to collect new possible target urls in the spare time when not all threads are used for verification. So when you later turn the project on, it will have some targets to post to.
  • okay now i got it , thanks sven 
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