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Best build backlinks for Local Sites

Hey guys!!! 

Tomorrow I buy GSA SER.

Tell me please guys .... 

What is best to seek references for local sites ?


I have several sites on local marketing (nursing homes, chiropractors etc). 
I want to raise them to the top . 

Made for each domain (money site) by 10-15 Web 2.0 sites ...


Now it is necessary for them to do backlinks . 
Whatever money the site has grown in the rankings. Right?

What kind backlinks me choose (articles , wikis .....)
What better use for TIER 2 and TIER 3 ? 

What amount backlinks to do in a day and how many days do campaign?

I apologize for my low level of English , and for a lot of questions .

Help please advice !


Thank you guys! !!
I willows in a bright and peaceful future ! 
All the BEST!!!



  • Guys I'm upset. 

    Can someone advise me or give a link on where i and other peoples can read about it! 

    Thank you!
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    Oh,,, THANK YOU Ferryman !!!
    I am sure that this information will help many!

    Good article! It is a pity that it does not say anything about how to build backlinks  and what exactly for local businesses.
  • goonergooner
    Building backlinks for local businesses can be the same as building backlinks for any site. If you are talking about citations that's another story,
  • I'm talking about the usual site (in a niche - dentists) that must be rank in the top.

    I suggested that the best thing to do backlinks second level using WEB 2.0: 
    wordpress, blogspot, weebly, squidoo etc (15-20 websites)

    Using GSA make backlinks Tiers 2, 3 Tiers. 

    It really works? 

    And I have a question matures. How do backlinks to web 2.0? 
    Create a project for each Web 2.0 or do spin on 1 project? 

  • goonergooner
    There are a ton of tutorials on here about setting up your projects, you just needs to search.
    Basically, use contextual only links for tier 1.

    Web 2.0's in SER don't work very well, you are better to build those another way. But you can still build SER tier 1's with articles, wiki's, social networks... Or you can use another software or manually build web 2.0 tier 1's.

    That is a call you have to make.
  • I did throughout the 1 day about a 20 site on the web 2.0 

    Now I want to make backlinks to them (tier2 and tier3). I will try)))
  • Still always want more information. Especially to hear from people who have already done more than once!
  • Guys, what kind of platform do you use for inbound links to their youtube videos?
    For how many days you are putting campaign and how many links??

    Someone can send me a screenshot of the settings?
    Thank you!
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