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What to do with one license?

Hi guys. 

Yesterday I bought the GSA SER program and installed on my home computer. I had planned from the beginning to learn how to use it, watch instructional videos and then buy and install the VPS. 

Now I understand that it can be installed only on one computer. :-(

That you can advise me? 
1. Ask for the money back and buy again and install VPS? 
2. Removed from my computer and install it on the VPS? 
3. Buy proxies, HideMyAss or other service and work on my home computer? 

Thank you. 
I hope for your help! 


  • SvenSven

    I have answered you already by email, no need to discuss this on a forum.

    1) is rediculous

    2) would be ok

    3) not that good.

    As long as you keep one copy running only it's not a problem installing it on VPS and PC...but you need to shut down the VPS version before starting on PC and via verse.

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