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GSA Search Engine Ranker Problem With Thread Count!

edited November 2012 in Need Help
Hi, I've been using GSA for a few months and I feel like something has to be wrong because I set my threads to about 800 or so and for some reason it always stays around the 30-40 threads and occasionally it will jump to 800 for a few minutes and then go back down. Now, first let me say, I have already tried with private proxy (I actually was using private proxy up until yesterday) and it still dose the same thing. I know its not my server since if I run xrumer or hrefer on my server (or home pc) I can reach 900 threads even with public/private proxy's so I know it has something to do with GSA it self. I purchase several different sever's from different data centers and the all seem to be doing the same exact thing.

Also, Im on a Quad Core VPS with 1 Gbps Connection.

Can someone please tell me whats wrong?


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    edited November 2012
    800 threads is quite a lot of threads. You might want to disable the "use URLS from global site lists if enabled". I see that coming up a lot in your logs. If you don't have a global site list built up you don't really need that option.

    Another thing you can do is change the time between search engine queries. It's the option right under proxies that says, "custom time to wait between search engine queries". Check that and lower it to maybe around 5 or something.

    I hope you have a lot of really good private proxies.

    Have you tried importing a list you scraped with hrefer into GSA SER? You can right click on your project and "import target URL's". It might be able to make use of more threads like that.

    800 threads is pretty insane. I don't think Sven intended on people using 800 threads with the software so I'm not sure how it will handle it. Good luck lol.
  • Thanks, now its working like expected. Im actually using public proxies until seven implements the option of using both public (for scraping) and private proxies since private proxies would be banned in a matter of minutes.

    No I haven't tried importing any list of hrefer since I wanted GSA to be an all in one solution but I think I might give it a try to see if it makes much of a difference as far as scraping is concerned.

    If you think about it, 800 is the norm if your running xrumer on a powerful enough server.

    Thanks for your help s4nt0s.
  • Yeah....800 threads is INSANE!! Xrumer only works on forum platforms, where SER works on a large mix of forum, commenting, web 2.0, microblogs, and much much more, not excluding all the scraping it does on top of all that. Xrumer does one task and one task well, hence why you can bump up that thread count. ;)
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