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How to thin out my database?

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Hi guys, I have the problem that my backups reach 1 GB each time and still growing which means at this size it is no fun to work over internet. How do I thin out my database? I have logged site lists of identified, submitted and so on. Which can I delet and which should I keep? I would like to start with new content but keep configuration and already successfully submitted urls.


  • SvenSven
    Did you remove duplicates? That will decrease the file size a lot if you didn't do that already.
  • Hi Sven, guess not - how to do it exactly?

  • Options -> Advanced -> Tools -> "Remove duplicate URLs" for the global lists.
  • Hi Ferryman, Thank you for help. I was able to shrink the size of my backups from 1 GB to 300MB. Is there something else I can do to shrink it more?

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    Not really, when you delete duplicate urls and duplicate domains the database is down to the essentials. Anything more you delete means deleting vital stuff. You might also want to reverify the list once a while to make sure only the living essentials are there. And bury the zombies.
  • Yeah, you can alive check all of the lists.
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    I am afraid but I have to ask how to do this?
    I can check many things at each project but checking if they are alive is not an option/cannot find.
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