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A couple of questions

So, my keywords (plumbing industry) don't seem to be returning many results, how important is it that the keywords reflect the moneysite (this is tier 1 im trying to build)

Also - how many articles do you use at any point? GSA seemed to be asking for another article after only a short period of time! 


  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited March 2014
    Howdy @matt200187

    You'll get lots of different answers to this, and I can't be bothered to explain why :D, but if it were me, I'd set up a few Web 2.0 and EMD/PMD sites relating to your plumbing KWs.  Then I'd add 5 or 6 posts over a month or so, without links, whilst using SER to build links to these posts.  As these "feeder sites" don't really matter, I'd use one of the many mass KW lists to build links to these sites (whilst still keeping your linking KWs relevant).

    After a month or so, I'd then add a new post to each site with links to your MS, and go back and edit all the existing posts and add internal links to the new post that links to your MS.

    As far as articles go, more is better.
  • brilliant advice mate! Thank you. EMD and PMD.... Exact match and partial match sites right? Just create my own?


    So have these sites as tier 1, then create a T2, 3 and 4 with more web 2.0's, articles etc using mass keyword list.... and attack these from the side with comments etc? Am I on the right lines? (SEO newbie here, looking to learn fast)

  • and lastly, what web 2.0's would you choose? Standard wordpress tumblr blogspot etc? Or vary them? Sorry for being a leach
  • davbeldavbel UK
    edited March 2014
    @matt200187 any "decent" web2.0 will do, but I'd vary them by campaign.

    EMD & PMD is as you say.

    If you can, try and get aged domains, although regardless of what the big G says, I've found new EMDs can be just as good.

    Yes, these and other decent web 2.0s become your T1.  After that it's up to you.  You can be clever and do a multi-tier campaign, or you can spam the shit out of each site.  Depends what you want and how long you want it.
  • Ive got a business that Im starting up with a website covering 144 areas which has 4 main keywords, so almost 600 pages to be ranked number 1 in... Ive earned huge money in advertising over the years but the company i work for is a sinking ship, so am creating myself a get out. Ive got a few private seo clients - with only 5/6 areas to cover which I find quite easy to rank through using Scrapebox commenting, but feel that this one needs some serious power, hence the acquisition of GSA SER. I clearly want this system to last, so without trying to drill you for as much information as i can (thanks), what do you think would work best? Multi link campaign as in... Tier 1 (10 sites) - create tier campaign to each of these, then another tier to each of the tier 2 tiers? something along those lines? keep branching out and out?
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    Hi @matt200187

    You have the right picture in mind, it is a little confusing at the start, but don't worry just take your time to read this forum as it is full of useful information.

    I would vary the web 2.0s, more is better, just remember to use good content on them as they will be the buffer sites between the money site and T2. I would use a mass keyword list related to your keyword as Davbel says to link to the web 2.0 and EMD's. 

    I would build the T2 layer with relevant articles/kw pointing at the web 2.0/EMD and once this is complete, I will setup a new project to build comments to post to T2.

    Then I would build the T3 layer with more general articles/kw pointing at T2, once the T3 layer is complete I start building comments to the T3 sites. For T3 I would use more general keywords, this can be scraped with Scrapebox if you have it.

    I then rinse and repeat, Start the process again with more web 2.0/EMD's but that does depend on your level of competition in your niche.

    Check out this post by Ron for more detailed information

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