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Stopping SER = Less Traffic

Anyone else noticed this, it's happened a couple of sites now? This last one I haven't been paid by a client so stopped SER. I verified all links and made it inactive. Guess what date I stopped...

btw, this isn't junk traffic or bots either. This is quality stuff, it's not a hugely competitive market, and the top peaks are around 300 uvs per day. The rankings have stayed the same. I'm sure by Monday the money will be in my account and he will come crawling back.


  • hmm. ok, if rankings stayed the same either the tracker didn't pick the change up yet or there was a change in the serp that caused organic listings to drop further down the page.
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    Have you had a good look at the source of the traffic to your sites while SER is running ?.

    I was running a project for one of my sites and found SER had no less than 500 HTTP conections to my site open so much load the company thought it was an attack and had blocked the ip's because it was loading up the VPS for everyone.

    I was on ICQ with the hosts live and they where able to tell me when projects were starting and stopping within around 30 seconds accuracy or me startign and stopping.
  • maybe its because of the referrer and pingbacks on SER ?
  • I don't use those Spammasta but it would make sense. I restarted SER once the company paid me and it went instantly back up to 300 per day. I can't see the exact source of the traffic as it's a custom CMS that doesn't give a huge amount of info. I can see that the rate of traffic is directly connected to email submits and purchases. I still don't understand why it's happening, but it's awesome for clients that don't pay as they don't get custom and come bounding back. Gonna start charging a 'reconnection' fee for their insolence :) 
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