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Checking blacklisted e-mails


It can be quite time consuming to check the e-mails for blacklisting. Could you make GSA check the blacklistings of e-mail addresses at set intervals, and then post a critical message sign beside the project if some of the e-mails have been blacklisted?

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    that would be nice .. or a "check all emails from all projects" button ;)


  • Yeah, and in general, it would be nice if there were more global options for projects.

    Another one I can think of is the time of verification. If you want to change that, you need to go through every single project one by one (which, on a bit lagging VPS is a pain-in-the-ass-area) :)
  • edited March 2014
    oh you already can do so ->

     mark all projects -> right click -> edit single option for all -> verification time
  • Yeah, or in general, when doing changes to one project, like perhaps changing keywords or something:
    "Apply to projects: [ ] All [ ] Project 1 [ ] Project 2 etc.

    Anything that takes away the repetitive, manual work is SUPER cool feature :)
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