No Search Engines Selected - Not using global site lists - SER still making links, why?

I have no search engines selected, and I don't have use global site lists selected. When I run the project SER is still making links. I cleared the Target URL cache and Target URL history.

When I run the project it is still submitting and verifying links. I want to make all my links on this project using fresh imported sites. But I want to make sure that it's not making links from anywhere else, and so far it is making links from elsewhere since I haven't yet imported the fresh targets.

Anyone else experience this?


  • analyse and post on competitor is checked?
    after you cleared cache and target url check again on left target to post to see if is clear
  • analyze and post to competitor backlinks is also not checked.

    @sven any idea why it's doing this?
  • SvenSven

    I don'T knoa your settings but there are several ways how SER get's it's targets to post to.

    If you unchecked everything from the options below search engines, you have just tree ways how targets can be used.

    a) you imported urls directly to the project

    b) you have enabled scheduled posting and have already created accounts/posts and there are slots left to post more

    c) you have enabled engines with fixed URLs to submit to (typical for Web2.0 category and others).

  • I believe "c" is my problem. Is there anywhere a list of all the engines that have fixed urls so that I can disable only those ones?

    Thanks @sven
  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Next version has a popup men u for the engine selection to uncheck those with fixed urls.
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