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Verified list: 40%-50% failed after re-verification. Is it normal?

I run verification on my project's verified URL list the next day after I stop them and I am getting about 40%-50% of links failed or time-out. Is this normal of high? Do I just delete those from the list?


  • SvenSven
    If you build links to engines with moving pages then yes.
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    @Sven Do I need to index those links then?
  • If you are building a lot of junk links (Blog comments, etc) then yes, this is pretty normal. Contextual tiers will typically lose about 10% of their links over a month. If your content is crappy, then a moderator could delete your articles.
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    @Satans_Apprentice wow 10% that is optimistic! myself and a friend are both losing 60% after a month. My content hasnt been the ebst but his has been better recently and same linkloss. 10% is what I imaigned it would be before I checked but unfortunately 60% is what the actual stat has been. Your articles must have been written by shakespear's ghost itself!
  • SvenSven

    @vorob I would not index them no.

  • @peterparker: I focus on contextual links, and 10% is about right for articles, social networks and wikis. I use junk but I don't track it. Maybe I am losing 50%, but if its junk I don't care.

    I am using verified site lists that our team generates, and they build so many links that I don't care.
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