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Link indexing: GSA + InstantlinkIndexer - questions

edited March 2014 in Need Help
I am using InstantLinkIndexer for my link indexing, but the workflow I am using is taking too much time and I wonder how it is possible to improve it. I am sure that I am doing few things the hard way. Any help is appreciated. How I do it at the moment: 1. Stop all projects 2. Open list of Verified links for a project. 3. Click on Verify and verify all the links. 4. After the verification, delete unverified and time-out links. ( roughly around 40%) of links. 5. Export the list of verified links ( URL only) 6. Login to InstantlinkIndexer and add the links from exported list. Repeat this for all my projects. I run 10+ projects and doing this every day is rather time consuming. Also I am not sure what to do with the links I export - at the moment I just delete those from Verified list of each project? Is there a way to improve or automate this process? I know that I can send the links to InstantlinkIndexer directly, but I am worried about the 40% of the failed verifications that I get after I re-verify links manually. I don't want to send those to InstantLinkIndexer as the amount of daily links I can submit is limited and I don't want to spend it on those non-verified links. As mentioned above, if someone knows about a better way to do it, any help is appreciated.


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