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SER not sending verified links to indexer

Sometimes when SER is building and verifying links "VERY QUICKLY", I notice that it fails to send the links to my indexing service provider (instantlinkindexer). I know this because I often check my daily link limits and compare them against newly verified links on SER. For instance, shortly before posting this, I saw daily verified links in SER go up from 2000 to 4000 in an hour but on the website dashboard, it showed only two batches of 100 each had been sent to get verified, meaning SER failed to send the other 90% verified links. If this bug is verified and fixed in the next version, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance! :D


  • SvenSven
    Might be a problem of too many threads and too low timeout settings. Try to play with that. Thats actually the only reason I see why some submission to the indexing service would fail.
  • OK I was on 200 threads and 120 timeout. Just changed the timeout to 180 and will see how it goes now. Thanks for such a quick response!
  • Hi @Sven Looks like problem still persists. If you look here you will see that there are more verified links than here Also, in the second screenshot, you will see that the velocity at which the links are being sent to the indexer (every 40-50 minutes) is slower than it should (every 5-10 minutes) based on the actual number SER is building for me. Pretty sure most people are too busy to check and notice this error but it's there and I think you will find it. Easiest way to do, I think, is you manually do Verify Only on projects with already many submitted links and look at the system logs. Maybe see if within a 10-minute interval, how many new links get verified and how many of them SER actually sends to indexer.
  • edited March 2014
    i have problem same
    i recive 40-50k ver per day
    but 21 feb
    it send links to instantlinkindexer 5k-10k

    i use 50k links per day
  • I was noticing an odd amount of links sent to instantlinkindexer but I never bothered to investigate. I have to vps running gsa and I get -6k verified links per day on each vps, yet on instantlinkindexer I have only surpassed 5k per day once.
  • SvenSven
    ok i have changed something in upcoming version that sends links more often. Though I have no sign that links are not being sent. Maybe some settings skip links for you being sent like PR, Dofollow only or even turned of per project?
  • OK, thanks a lot for getting back to us. Looking forward to the next version update :D
  • Sorry to bother you again @Sven but it looks like the issue isn't going anywhere and I'm not sure if it's just me I have the default settings with no filter of any kind so I'm a bit baffled as to what's going on here @-)
  • Things seem to be improving now that I've tried enabling the GSA Indexer to index links in the background too which is very interesting lol
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