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Article Script Captchas


CB cant solve easy captcha. here example; article script captcha not solving. how can i solve ? i used CB-Mega Ocr together. Mega Ocr solving re-captcha.


Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    If you have a look at the success rate on "Article Script" captcha you see it's just 25% by now. So you need to set the setting to "Only try to colve if success rate is at least: 25%" or turn it off.


  • SvenSven
    that screenshot simply shows me that your captcha service is replying with a fake answer. I have to update my software to not allow "CaptchaNotAnswered" as a valid result. Though it seems to be a problem from your MegaOCR.

  • So, first CB not solving Article Script captchas ? then what can i do for first CB solve this captcha type ?

    im using Senuke xcr, i want captchas go first CB, second MegaOCR (only re-captchas)

    (im sorry, i have not enough english)

    Thank you.

    my CB options;

  • ok thank you @Sven i will try it.
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