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New Link Crawling / Indexing / Pushing Service Looking For Beta Testers


We are looking for heavy GSA SE users who are interested to test new link processing service.

What do you get:

6 months free access to 150k links per day (4,5 million links per month) plan

About service:

This is guaranteed link crawling service that process each link in several circles (pinging, sitemap, rss, submission to whois/redirect type of sites, pinging SE again to these sites...etc.). I will not tell all details in public before we launch it.

Our service can be very easy interrogated with GSA for automated submission.

What we are looking for:

Users who are doing big amount of links per day with GSA SE.
People who are interested to give feedback about test, results and general experience with this service.

How to apply for beta testers:

You need to answers on these questions via PM.

All PMs without answers on these questions will be ignored.

- how long are you using GSA SE?
- how many copies of GSA SE do you run?
- what is your average LPM?
- what other link indexing service you have used in past?
- what link indexing service you use right now?
- why should we select you for beta tester?



  • This is not sales thread and our goal right now is just to have several beta testers.
    Service is still not live for public and there isn't order system at all.

    Anyway, thanks for approving this.
  • Looks good.
    I'm very interested to give it a try.
  • picked up a beta test account.  Will let you know how it works.  Thanks
  • Pm sent as well
  • interesting, maybe i will give it a try
  • took a spot for beta testing :)
  • Grabbed a beta spot, thanks!
  • so far, so good

    index rate is very good from my first tests
  • Took a BETA spot, let´s test it!
  • PM has been send
  • hit me up, lets talk. Using SER heavily
  • If there is any spot left, I'm very interested to test and give detailed review.

  • Grabbed a beta spot. Let`s see how it goes
  • Grabbed too a beta spot. Well let's go run.
  • I grabbed a beta spot, thanks. will let you know the results =)
  • Thanks! We can accept a few more members because soon we will launch product to public.
  • First test shows promising results.

    From 2000 Wiki live pages,
    after less then 24 hours, 1409 are indexed.

  • edited March 2014
    PM Sent
  • Got into the beta. The website and statistics looks really nice.
  • Took a beta spot. It looks very promising!
  • I'm getting over 50% index rate.
    Much much better then other services for now.
  • I am interested if you still need beta testers
  • Also took a beta spot. Looks like an awesome service for churn and burn!
  • I'm very interested to give it a try.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Just got my Beta spot thanks! Added Service to my GSA :)
  • To all testers:
    Please send me PM with your first impressions.

    Many thanks!
  • Ok so it`s time for the first impression.

    Yesterday i started a campaign mainly to test again the indexing results using this service

    Arround 1100 verified links have been created and in less than 1 day 430 of them are already showing up in ahrefs.

    To be honnest i never ever had such a good indexing rate in such a low period of time (practically in a few hours)

    @linkprocessor- congratulations for such an awesome service and keep up the good work. I got way better results with this service (which is still in beta) than i got with some of the highest rated indexing services

    I`ll keep launching new campaigns daily to test further but as it is now in my opinion this is #1 indexing service. Period
  • Thank you for feedback!

    We will go live very soon.
  • HinkysHinkys - Catchalls for SER - 30 Day Free Trial
    Thanks for the beta spot!
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