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73000 verifieds turns into 2000 on new projects

Hi. I've been running xpressengine and mediawiki projects with 73.000 verifieds imported directly. I simply duplicate the projects and edit new URL's and keywords. Used to run with 250 LPM for many months, lately there's some strange bug. I blast at 250 LPM and after around 2000 verifieds there's no links left in "show left target URL's". It's still running though and stuck at around 20LPM. Can anybody help me with this, I am desperate for help.


  • tested about any setting I could think off. Keep getting stuck at around 2000 verifieds when it used to be able to blast up to about 30-50k verifieds
  • please anybody has any ideas to help out with this?
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    When was the last time you had 100% success rate with your list?

    Maybe most of the sites are dead now. What is the log in SER showing you when running the list?
  • I usually never had 100% success. Cleaned the list to test if it would help, it didn't. I am getting quite many no engine matches and download failed for some reason. Having all engines ticked doesn't help and with new proxies/no proxies I still get a lot download failed after the initial 2000 verifieds.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Have you clicked on the download failed messages to open the site up?
  • Swap out your email accounts.
  • okay trying that satan. Trevor I did and few didn't work even though I just cleaned the list. Will check some more in-depth manually.
  • edited March 2014
    @Satans_Apprentice that didn't help. Same issue. Thx for the suggestion though. Still at 2000 verifieds it goes into 20LPM-mode and spam errors "download failed", "no engine matches", "submission failed". And this is on a list I just cleaned up and worked brilliant i version 7.85 which could give me around 50.000 verifieds running 250LPM. Here's a log if anybody would be kind enough to help me out:
  • still can't get it to work. Tweaked/tested every possible setting. Anybody else can run mediawiki/xpressengine site lists and get many fast verifieds still?
  • on the same boat
    my verification also drops dratically
    i'm using my hosting sever for emails, emails of my domain
  • @sven I pmed you about this.I'm having the same issue. I firmly believe something is not working correctly with xpress engine. I'm happy to help troublshoot in any way I can.
  • yeah something did happen in the latest versions for mediawiki and xpressengine. I have tried every setting possible and can't get over 2k verifieds before it slows down drastically.
  • ronron

    I think something happened to these engines. I am not sure if it is a SER script issue, or possibly some spam measure that the engine platforms are doing. But something isn't right.

    And as @supermanden said, it just started happening in the past few days.

    Maybe @sven can take a look - let me/us know if you need anything @sven to help you out. These are two very productive engines for contextuals, so losing them would be a huge blow. Thanks.

  • @ron - the developer of this engine actually died, surprisingly lol. So I'm leading towards the former, rather than the latter. I really do think it's a script issue, though.
  • ronron

    @Justin - We were seeing something wrong, and then you got a hold of us, and then we started digging around. So thanks for the heads-up. ^:)^

    Engines change their login process among other things from time to time, and a lot of times they do it to fight off people like us, lol. But I agree, I think they changed some stuff within the last few days because we are having a difficult time posting to these properties now.

  • dokuwiki's are also dead, they are registering but not any one of the site is posting while they should....
  • @Sven can you take a look at it please?
  • SvenSven
    If you think there is a bug in the engine script or program, I would need to have a sample URL to play with. Else I can not really help. But first make sure you can submit manually with the browser.
  • @sven - I logged a run of just Xpress engine and then went through manually and tried submitting just fine. Lots of these were "error -1", "no suitable URL", etc. I'll have a look and manually compile a few.
  • I wonder if it's any coincidence that these errors started happening as the same time as the verified errors that myself and others have been experiencing since 7.90.
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