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Target URLs Formatting Messed Up

Hi @Sven

All of my projects, which uses a sitelist (Identified), have wrong url formatting. They look like this:

There is this #;3;;2;; appended to all urls. I checked the site list. All urls looks fine there.

I tried to clean Target URL Cache in one project to test if it's just one time bug, but it still pulls URLs with this kinda format. 

Also tried to restart SER, created a separate project to test with one platform selected. Still does the same. 

I guest it's somehow related to a high CPU usage lastly for me.  

Let me know if you want me to send a backup or something.


  • SvenSven
    where exactly do you see those URLs? In the "Left Target Urls" ? Thats fine. The parameters behind the # sign are all useful for the program now. It tells it the engine, submission step, source it was getting it from, and so much more. It's all used for later statistics on what search engine and/or footprint delivered best results to make it easier to optimize things.
  • Oh I see now :) Thanks!
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