Need Some Help About Indexing

I know it's off topic.
But I just want to ask about your opinion about indexing my backlinks.

For example, I want to make 3 tiers for my project.
Do you still submit your tier 1 backlinks to the indexer services or you only submit your tier 3 links to the indexer services?
So once tier 3 get indexed, natural order will ensure that the tier 2 links get indexed and then any tier 1′s below that.

Am I correct? Do you guys agree with me that I should only index tier 3 backlinks? Or is it really necessary to submit all my backlinks (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3) to the indexer services? Does it have any difference?
Please correct me if i'm wrong. Thanks in advance!


  • ronron
    edited March 2014

    Only because it so unbelievably priced now (cheap), you should stick everything in there. The index sellers here are all good dudes, they all have happy customers, and they all take in huge links from us for very little per month.

    Your order should always be in priority order if you are forced to choose: Tier 1 always first, then T2, then T3. The links that index on T1 have a huge impact on ranking. Lower tiers are more indirect, but creates a cumulative effect with link juice flowing up the ladder. It helps to make all properties above it important. So the push from underneath is important too.

    This really isn't off topic at all. This might be one of the most important topics you could have chosen.

  • I`m also new to this. I was thinking of sending tier 2 and 3 to indexing service and let tier 1 index naturally. Any input on this ron? 
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