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Questions about CB Settings

I just purchased CB (i was using CS in the past, wasn't really working). I have a few questions about how to set it up properly for best performance:
- how many retries should i set it to? i mean, i see it sometimes recognizes a captcha but it doesn't solve it correctly and i'm thinking more retries better chances - so how many retries is ok?
- i also use it with reverseproxies ocr - the number of retries is overall or per service? i mean if i set it to 2, it will be 2 retries for CB and 2 for reverseproxies ocr or just 2 overall?

Any other tips on how to set this up properly are most welcome


  • Oh and one more thing, if it skips a captcha because of the settings (low solve rate) does it mean CB skips the captcha and sends it to the second service or they both skip the captcha?

    And how is it better to set up, in GSA SER set only CB and and set the second service in CB or in GSA SER set CB as first service and my other captcha solution as second service?

    Thanks guys!
  • SvenSven

    retry: if a captcha is solved incorrectly it makes no sense to increate the retry counter. That makes only sense for captcha types where the found solution is not used as CB things itself it's not good. So it delivers an empty reply. You should however set it to 3 or even 5.

    the setting is per service as you set it on each service.

    if a captcha is skipped by CB it is either send to its configured backup service in CB or not at all. SER takes care to send it to the second service if something is configured there.

  • thanks Sven!
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