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All 20 Private Proxies are Dead?

edited November 2012 in Need Help
Alright so I've been building a crazy amount of links with GSA, this software is ridiculous! So perfect for 2nd and 3rd tier. 

But my issue is that I have 20 private proxies that I buy from trusted sources...but they all come up as failed on GSA's proxy checker. And Scrapebox's proxy checker. Do you think I just harvested and posted too hard on GSA and Scrapebox and the proxies got blocked? 

For most of them I get Error 404
and for a few I get Error 407

Any help would be seriously appreciated. If I need new proxies, can anyone recommend a source?


  • SvenSven
    Why don't you check with your proxy provider?
  • ronron
    Like Sven said you have to go to your proxy provider. Just keep in mind that they may be private, but they are either dedicated or semi-dedicated. Most of us get semi-dedicated, and that means there are other users. And they can get blown out by large scraping runs by other users. So if this continues, you might need to change providers.
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