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GSA Index Check not working?

Hi, when check all verified links and want to run an index check, its not working. Its still showing "untested", and 90% of my links are not getting indexed. I use GSA Indexer and Indexifiation.


  • SvenSven
    might mean you are blocked from search engines?
  • What should I do now sven? My proxies seem to work
  • SvenSven
    but are they working against google ?
  • Yes, I have checked them again. 4 proxies didnt work against google, so I replaced them with new.
  • i have now tested the gsa index tool and the scrapebox index tool with the same proxies
    and i sew a big difference between them.

    the gsa showed me = 97 index url from 115
    the scrapbox showed me = 35 index url from 115

    does any one knows of the gsa index works well ??
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