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First Tier of only Web 2.0, that don't link out at first

Hey there! I'm new to the forum and new to GSA SER. First of all thanks for such a great piece of software. I already played around with it a bit and find it pretty amazing.

I want to start a campaign by first building a first tier of only web 2.0s (blogs) (about 40). I already own SERengines.
Here's my questions:
1. Is it possible to start building the web 2.0s without giving them a target site (my moneysite) to link to? I first want to establish the web 2.0s, build backlinks for them, build their authority and later on link out to my moneysite from some of the blog-posts on the web 2.0s
2. Is it possible to restrict further posting form GSA SER on my web 2.0s (blogs on the first tier) to only those 40 blogs I build at first? I really want to build them high quality with high quality human spun blog-posts and want to continue building them to about 20 to 40 blogposts.

Okay, I'm happy if someone finds the time to answer or give me a hint.

take care.


  • SvenSven

    1. set the option to not make any links...that will post articles without links.

    2. of course, just disable any possible way to get targets (disable all search engines) and enable schedueld posting.

  • wow, quick reply. thank you @Sven! I'll try that out.

    One more question:
    Can I export the built Web 2.0s with login-data so I can also edit them manually?
  • One more thing: 1. set the option to not make any links...that will post articles without links.
    But if I want to have outgoing trustlinks in the posts? Will I then have to have those outgoing links in the spun text so that the method you proposed works?
  • SvenSven

    right click project->show urls->verified urls->export->all << that has accounts indluded.

    Yes either that or you enable the option to insert random urls into the article but that does not look that natural either.

  • thanks a lot!!!
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    @Sven is it possible to build brandnew Web 2.0 blogs with GSA SER? I mean blogs that ONLY have my articles and didn't exist before.
  • SvenSven
    You mean sublinks like where XYZ is your home? Yes thats of course possible, usually happens on the Web2.0 category .
  • edited March 2014
    @Sven yes, exactly. something like etc.

    can you give me a hint to a tutorial that explains how to do that?

    i first tried it out with the web 2.0 SERengines but that only seems to post to already existing blogs.
  • SvenSven
    no, serengines should create many new blogs like that. Thats all I can provide actually.
  • hmm, but GSA SER alwaya sks for a target url and keywords which doesn't make sense in that context, cause I only wanna create new web 2.0s at first. anyways, i'll figure it out if you say it's generally possible...
  • SvenSven
    keywords are not only used for searching's used for tags as well and other things.
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