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Gsa search engine ranker quick question!

Hey guys! my question is when getting links for your brand new website. How many links do you typically drip feed a day or in other words submitted or verified links per day for a brand new site? and for some reason theirs a small picture of a triangle beside my project name saying no targets to post to, maybe blocked by search engines, no engines allowing url extraction chosen, scheduled posting. I kind of get what it means but is that okay in terms of just letting it slide or fix the problem because i am still getting verified links lol. Thanks in advance guys! appreciate it a lot man.


  • Start with 20 per day then gradualy incrise the number . This msg its jest a msg about the moment when you did not have any more targets to post . Jest keep going . Sometimes when you posting with strict filters like 50 obl . Min pr 3 you will run out of targets indefianatly . Then you have to ease up the filters . Ad more keyword to start getting more targets . Hope this helps.
  • kayy thanks a lot dimitribanks. I appreciate that a lot.
  • you welcome m8
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