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Index/Ping Selected URLs

In SER, where you can see Last Verfied urls, if you right click on one url is an option to send that link ti GSA Indexer.
But I think it is not working, at least over here, on my side is not sending url to indexer.


But, if you right click on the Projects and than "Show URLs- Verfied" and you try to send specific url to indexer, it works.


  • SvenSven
    I guess it's because those recent URLs have all been sent to SEO Indexer before. There is a cache of the last 500 URLs sent to indexing services to not send them twice and waste resources.
  • ok, this make sense.
    I have an issue becouse evertime when Seo Indexer complete indexing 69 urls, than it stops working until I restart it.

    And if in this time  SER sends a url to Indexer, after i restart Indexer that url is not there.
  • SvenSven
    Sorry but why should it stop after 69 URLs? I don't understand.
  • me neither. I will send you PM with video link.
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