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ser indexer

@sven can you tell me what exactly indexer on ser does, and whats the difference between this and gsa indexer, i remember reading about this but couldn't find the thread.

also im running a test project only selecting indexer platform and only google to scrape, so far 0 submissions for like 5 hours, is that working properly?


  • SvenSven
    You mean the engine "Fast Indexer" ? Well it creates statistics/whois urls...same as SEO Indexer, but might also create links not of any interest for you in terms of getting indexed or not.
  • ok, can you tell me why is not working?
  • SvenSven
    not working means not building links? Well that engine is only used if you have the option disabled "verify exact links" or if you have a root url without a sublink added to the project, else it would build links you don't want.
  • ok i disabled the verify exact and get a couple of verified but not submitted i guess this platform insta verify? thanks.
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