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Search online for URLs

What is the benefits from adding such options to GSA like "Search online for URLs" while it's really not working !!??
I have tried several types of search terms like:
site:edu inurl:blog "leave a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in to comment"

and I got 0/0 results !! But, when you searching online (@ using the same search terms above, you may get thousands of URLs !!?? So, any advice please?


  • Are you using good proxies that have not been burnt on google yet with an appropiate custom wait time between search queries? I have not used this option recently, but it has been working just fine for me. Actually I'd prefer it over scrapebox for public proxies, if I did not have my custom script to manage public proxies and scrapebox.
  • Yes, i'm always using a good amount of fresh proxies, with 60s wait time !!
  • you mean public proxes?
  • yes, public proxies...
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