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GSA constantly connects to youtube

Hello, GSA Ranker is connecting to youtube massively. No matter if i set it to private, public or no proxy. No matter what search engines i use or what projects with different keywords. Please help, also i would like to know where can i download older versions? I want to try 7.83 . p.s i added filter to ignore youtube.


  • It looks like you also need to filter out Also, are you scraping your urls in something like scrapebox? If you are you will be able to filter out all urls that contains "youtu" immediately so SER will save time on doing this. If you are just scraping from within SER, it seems really weird that you are only getting youtube urls.

    Older versions are not stored by the company, you will need to get it from another user. If you have any problem with new versions, you should report your problem to Sven along with a way of reproducing it so it can be fixed. Personally I think it's rather insulting to the developer to look for older versions, instead of helping him getting things fixed if something is broken.
  • well looking at your log it seems that you imported a list, and this list its full of youtube urls. just deleted the cache and history of that project
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