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Buddypress Gsa posting only the link on profile, not creating a Group

Hello, this is happening to the majority of the buddypress domains that i am adding. One example this domain: Here it is the profile link url that gsa posted: Here is a example of a group created: I know that the groups function are working, because i have manually created one few minutes ago. 1: Is there a log that i would be able to see, why Gsa failed to create a group on this website ?. And if i wanted, would it be possible for me to modify the GSA scripts/templates to fix this problem, and post on the groups ? is there any instructions on this ? what is the programming language ? 2: Is there any problem on my project configuration/options ? Thanks for the support


  • SvenSven

    turn on debug mode to see why.

    however i had a look myself for that site and next version will work better...was a script thing that could be optimized

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