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How long it takes for gsa to Download the emails and initiate the submission process ?

edited March 2014 in Need Help
Hello. I just want to test gsa on 14 specific urls so i disabled scraping and master url list. So i went an imported this urls 14 on gsa. All of them got registered successfully, the problem is it has been 20 minutes that gsa does nothing. I went to the email account, and all emails are there yet, they didnt got downloaded or readed. Here is my log: So gsa registered to all urls, but now is not downloading the emails and not trying to submit. The platform is Buddypress. Is there a problem ? or does gsa waits X time for checking emails ? is there a way for me to force email verification and submission ?


  • SvenSven
    you need to wait till the verification starts or you change the status of the project to verify + restart it as being active afterwards.
  • Thank you for the quick and amazing support. It worked this way.
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