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What's the Best practise for Proj. Email Setting?


1. Use catchall email?
2. Use 1 or more emails? any number?
3. is use > 1 email acct, is SER use any random email acc for registration? How is know which email is use for which accs (when acc. being exported)?
4. can those accs do multiple post for same sites?


Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    1. if you have access to that, then yes use it.

    2. depends on your setup. for forums and some other engines it is good to use more than one email (maybe 10). Also if you use scheduled posting and want to create more than one account per site.

    3. it uses a random one and at least one not being used on that site. you gett the email being used when exporting accounts.

    4. yes

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