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Proxy Failure in 7.84 But Says 7.85 Available and I Can't Update?

All my private proxies are failing testing under 7.84. When I check for updates, SER says my version is up to date. But when I check version history, it says 7.85 is available. Why can't I download the new version, and is there still a problem with SER using anon proxies in the build I'm using? My projects are all on hold because SER is bugging out with my proxies.


  • @Sven I can't download .85 , when i click on update available or check for updates via help . It says update available .84 and not 7.85
  • @tower 7.84 says for me to. and I just updated few minutes ago
  • edited March 2014

    Thanks Don and gogo2k. The version issue is not isolated to me it appears.

    Just an update on the proxy problem I was having. It's related to the proxy provider and no issue with SER.

  • SvenSven
    fixed sorry ;)
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