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How to disable "Out of Memory"

It's annoying and I'm running 1600 threads on my dedi and it runs perfectly until it hits 99% and stops all threads. Thanks.

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    I had this problem when storing articles within SER. Try using the %spin_folder% as your article source.


  • SvenSven

    You have answerd yourquestion yourself. Lower the number of threads. Just think for a moment:

    What happens if e.g. each thread taking up to 3MB of memory? Webpages have to be downloaded, project settings have to be hold in memory and so on...your memory is eaten up quickly.

  • Well

    I have a dedicated server with 16Gb of memory and run 300 threads and I still get out of memory when it hits 1gb according to GSA. When in reality there is more to use from. Why does GSA cap it at 1GB?
  • Ser is a 32 bit program . So it cannot take more than 4GB Ram.  but 1 gb is a bit less for a memory errors 
  • Do you guys use Bitdefender maybe? It was the issue for me. Just uninstall it and no erors at all. At least for me. I had errors every hour or less runing 100 threads. Now am running 500 and never saw one.
  • edited March 2014
    I am experiencing this a lot lately also. Before I can push +1000 cant even go past 500 without "Out of Memory" popup message. SER never goes above "Mem: 2.0GB" not even close to 4GB limit.
  • same here. ive sent multiple bug reprts
  • Same problem here, would love if there would be a option just to disable this feature.
  • same here
  • Me too, it just keeps looping over and over.

    PLEASE add a disable feature
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    i have 64GB dedi 15core running 500 threads and LPM lower than 200 (100 - 150) and getting memory error often (even threads 300)
  • I'm running 200 threads, 5 projects in scheduler mode, 20 minutes. I can't leave the server for more than 12 hours before I get a out of memory error. GSA SER reports memory use of 1,5 - 2,5 GB.

    Xeon Quad, 8GB RAM. Windows 2012.
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