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Selecting OLD domain from auction

Hi, I am changing my SEO strategy a bit regarding selecting a domain as new domains are not performing according to my expectations. Hence, decided to give a chance to godaddy auctions. In this regard, i need your expertise guys. I am mostly for the domain on closeouts as they are cheapest ones. Reason is that i don't have the funds to invest on high PR domains. When selecting a domain on closeout, what parameters should i consider to analyze the domain profile/authority? Like i see some domains that are very old like 5 to 6 years with no spamming proof. But as they were not renewed, they were temporarily deindexed from Google index. Some are showing PR 0 with like 5 years of registration date, but in the wayback machine, they don't have any record what so ever. So, just need an expert opinion on selecting a old domain from Godaddy Auctions. Thank you guys in advance, Mark


  • 1 - this is not the right place to ask that question
    2 - you didn't specify for what you want this domain (301, brand new website, tier 1, etc)

    anyways you most check link profile on ahref and majestic seo (you need to verify if the links pointing to that domain are not spamming links and are actually regular links like: contextual links, recommended links, related websites links, a reference to that website, etc) , on majestic seo check also the citation flow most be over 25-30... im not an expert but you can start with that.

    by the way im assuming this is not for 301 because if that is the case you need spammed as shit domains.
  • @Rodol, thank you for your time. I am trying to find a good old domain as a money website as it can bear links at the start. I am fully aware that it should have a clean history in terms of links. For money site, what would you recommend?
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