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Get site to rank

How much days it will take to rank the website in google.

Is there are any chance of getting site rank in a week after getting 776 verified links?

After getting 776 verified, and I tested in site im get only 5 backlinks

Best Answers

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    How long is a piece of string?

    Too many variables. Ranking time will depend on your seo strategy, keyword competition, etc.
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    Don't use ahrefs to see how many backlinks has been indexed, it will always show less backlinks than the amount you actually have. Just use scrapebox and check how many links has been indexed.
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    @fakenickahl would you mind explaining on how to do this?
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    @qwerty - depending on the competition it can be a week or several months. Expect the "several months" scenario though.
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    @Tilen, load a list of harvested urls, press check indexed, and choose google.
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