Spamhaus Listed - Sever Suspension Threat - GSA SER Leaking Server IP when Proxies Enabled

Hello, I have a dedicated server with that i've had for a few weeks. I've been running GSA SER with 100 private proxies since the first day I got the server.

Today I got an email that my IP is listed on the Spamhaus Block List and that my server will be suspended if I don't reply stating that I fixed the situation. I replied with an excuse that I hope they bought and will give me another chance.

The email also contained a link to the Spamhaus listing, which had a link to a page that showed all the usernames and emails that GSA SER used to spam with and leaked from my IP while proxies were enabled. The listings include dates as well that date back to when I first started using the server.

My question is has anyone else had a similar experience with OVH or other host, and what was the outcome?

Also, how do I prevent GSA from leaking my IP at all, especially since i'm using private proxies?


  • ronron

    The most important part you left out is whose proxies you were using. The other questions are how long have you been using SER, and of course, what are your various settings for the proxies within SER.

    We all use SER with proxies, and many of us going on 2 years. I am willing to bet the answer lies within those questions above.

    Post a pic of your settings in Options (both the entry screen and the interior one within configure proxies).

  • Also don't use, lol. Get some bulletproof hosting.
  • Your issue is with proxy not with GSA.
    If proxy server is not setup on right way it can leak real IP and that is what happened in your case.

  • So, better look for proven proxy companies who are longer in business then for cheap solutions.
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    to all the other people,  don't go to spamhaus to check if your ip is listed . You are yourself getting your ip marked when you query your ip
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I can tell you for sure that GScraper's proxy service leaks your IP so if you're using it, make sure you have a good host. Solid SEO won't let you run GScraper.
  • Magic Submitter had leaked as well from my own experience. And some proxy companies leaked. I think many SEO tools had rough patches but are now okay on this matter. I'll be great someone keeps abreast of this, so that people don't only have to stick to buyproxies and SER with the fear of getting notified from their VPS provider.
  • My recommendation is to get an inexpensive server just for scraping. God  Mode Host has a VPS mini for $35 a month that is perfect IMHO. I am very happy with this solution.
  • Im using proxies. I'm not using Magic Submitter or any other software besides GSA SER. So yeah it was caused by GSA.

    These are my proxy settings



  • @mmtj do you have any reccomendations for a good dedicated server provider that offers similar prices and power to OVH.

    @mikemike I use proxies, I am assuming they should be set up right.

    @coneh34d I don't understand what your recommendation has to do with my thread.

    @sven do you have any insight on this, does GSA leak server IP sometimes when proxies are enabled or have I done something wrong? Thanks.
  • NashRanking My bad, I quickly scanned the thread and saw the earlier comment abour GScraper. 
  • ronron
    @NashRanking - OMG!!! Just as I thought!!!

    You DO NOT CHECK the box to disable private proxies if detected to be down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every proxy has line noise and hiccups. One by one they get turned off until you START POSTING WITH YOUR IP.

    Get it?
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @ron agreed 100%
  • @ron I get it. But I thought since I had the settings set in the settings options to make all searches, posts, verifications, pr checks, etc. by private proxy, that GSA would only use proxies when doing those functions and do nothing if proxies were not available.

    Should I also check the box, "stop projects on no active proxy"?
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    That shouldn't matter if he has "use proxies" checked for "submission".

    You mean to tell me SER will post without proxy even if you have "use proxies" checked for "submission"???
  • jpvr90 Not to sound harsh, but how are you going to use a disabled proxy?
  • ronron
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    All you are doing there is making a selection of public vs private. You aren't telling SER not to post.

    Simply keep that "disable private proxy..." unchecked, and all your problems go away.

    I never check the box to "Stop projects on no active proxies". But you could to be safe. I just never had a problem. In fact, given what just happened to you, I would check that box. Just to be double sure.
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    @coneh34d Whats the point of having "use proxies" for "submission" if it will be ignored? No one is answering the fact the OP has "use proxies" checked for "submission". So did SER ignored these settings?

    @ron "use proxies" for "submission" checked...I thought that meant you are telling SER to post using proxies.
  • jpvr90 It is ignored because there is no proxy to use. All proxies have been disabled. How can you use something that does not exist.

    Get it now?
  • @ron thanks for the info. I really hope this solves the problem. If OVH doesn't suspend me this time around i'm going to try SER again with the changed settings.

    If for some reason my IP gets leaked again they will suspend my service for sure since I told them I uninstalled the software that "was submitting comments without my knowledge."

    @jpvr90 I agree with you, it's kind of misleading to have those settings checked to use proxies on submission but not have it mention that it's possible your IP will be used if you accidentally alter a different setting, perhaps a warning message should be added on that screen for every other SER user who isn't going to see this thread and make the same mistake I did.

    I would still like to know what svens opinion and recommendation for the matter is.
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    @coneh34d your not understanding at all...please go back and read slower this time.

    @NashRanking I dont think SER will post with your IP if you have "use proxies" for "submission" checked. The only thing I can think of is maybe proxy provider was leaking your IP.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @NashRanking - you had your settings wrong, you were disabling all of your proxies if they failed. Proxies fail and are good all within 30 seconds. That happens all the time. You told SER to disable proxies when they wen't bad, then keep posting. Of course it used your IP, there were no active proxies.

    @jpvr90 he said he's using That's who I use and have never had any problems.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    We allow Gscraper on our USA nodes now, If you want to run it, make sure to get USA location, the problem is our Germany datacenter, and of course the main issue itself is Gscraper proxies leaks,
  • @solidseovps

    I take it you are just going around promoting your service in threads that have nothing to do with you or your request for promotion.

    Please refrain from spamming your service at random in threads that have nothing to do with you or any inquires about you.
  • jpvr90 It is you who needs to read things more slowly. Look at his image. He has clearly marked "disable private proxies when detected to be down or in use"

    Therefore, when his private proxies are getting disabled, he is submitting with the server IP.

    Go back and read the posts from @ron and @Brandon....

    Get It Now...?
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
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    Well, I was answering @brandon since our name was brought up, We dont need to promote our services in every thread, because we already have a sale thread on this forum.. so No need for the attitude really!!
  • goonergooner
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    @nashranking - I had exactly the same problem with OVH, follow @ron's advice and you should be fine - I did exactly that and the guy from OVH customer support took a look at SER and cleared me to use it.

    All was fine after that.
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    @gooner You got a warning like mine? What did your reply back to them, how did you get the support to allow you to use SER, please provide more details.

    You did the same thing as me, had the check box checked under "disable private proxy if when detected to be down"?

    Did unchecking that solve the problem of being listed on spamhaus?

  • ronron
    Just tell them you found the problem and fixed it. And ask to be turned back on.
  • SER is still leaking my IP even after the making the changes @ron talked about. I let it run today for the first time since I got the spamhaus complaint, about an hour later I decided to check my IP in spamhaus, and what do you know, a new entry is listed in there under my IP from the current project i'm running in SER.

    @sven can you please provide some insight into this? Is there any possible way you can add some feature to SER that when checked will make it not post using the server IP under any circumstance?
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