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Getting my links indexed (Question)

Hey guys, I have noticed when I export backlinks from indexer and test them on google site:url alot are not indexed yet. Some have been over two weeks now and I notice my serps are not improving a lot at the minute. My question is after running through indexer is it best just to leave the links to index naturally or maybe force them somehow?


  • Use Indexification 100% indexing the best out there, trust me.
  • Will that get my links crawled fast?
  • Yes, Instant or drip feed 7 days or 30 days
    Only $17.95 a month
  • Ok, I plan to try this for 1 month at least, I have put the api key into gsa is that all I need to do?
  • @linkedseo, that's an extremely bold statement. Have you done any tests on large amounts of links to verify this claim? I'm sure it's false that it's getting an indexing rate of 100%, but I'd like to hear about your results with it.
  • I've done about 5,000 wikis that got crawled and indexed 100%

    They ping content pages with Your backlinks on randomly picked established sites they own. As well as .create & ping XML Sitemaps with Your backlinks and RSS Feeds with Your backlinks on randomly picked established sites to increase crawling & index rates, etc.
  • Api into GSA Ser thats all

    You can also just select all on all your verified links and right click and a tab for indexification will come up click on it to index them. 
  • sounds like a very solid test :P
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