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Berman Hosting don't buy a VPS from them

I bought a VPS , after 48 hours he setup my vps and after that i foudn that the vps is very slowly i contacted them and they answeared me in 48 hours . Now i see that the credentials are not good. 

Don't get fool by them .


  • Well I am using their VPS for 2 years and yes their support sucks but I rarely got any problems with them. Regarding the speed, you must have bought the $18 VPS which is slow if you run GSA on it...Basic one should be the $28 plan
  • I'm using 28 $ plan
  • Then it should run smooth as butter..What kind of issues are you facing?
  • Now my credentials doesn't work  :|
  • You know somehow can i change the password of the vps only with my berman account ?
  • you cant change the password through the backend. Only way to contact them and tell them to reset.
  • Personally, I would never recommend anyone to use bermanhosting with SER. I had a horrible experience with them when I used their $28 plan. It was painfully slow, and the major point which made me stay far away from them was the fact that they will tell you to not utilize all your allocated ram. That's not dedicated resources when it's affecting other users. Just get a dedicated server with twice as much power at the same cost. You will not regret it.
  • @fakenickahl can you suggest a dedi for just $28 that allows SER ?

    I can only remember these 3 providers off the top of my head. I only know for certain that volumedrive allows seo tools, but I have heard about other people using the other two providers for SER. Surely you can find some even cheaper if you want to.
  • yep, i was happy with berman the first 3 month till for some reason i couldn't logging to my vps, i send them a ticket and after 1 day they solve my issue, this happened to me like 3 or 4 times... 2 weeks ago my vps has been hacked and other members using berman reported the same... their answer was that my password wasn't secure enough... they changed my ip and everything but now my information is compromised, i will probably try solidseovps
  • edited March 2014
    @rodolmy vps on powerup was also hacked . care to discuss what we did wrong?
    by any chance could it be malicious websites which are visited by scrapers and ser ?
    i had a pretty strong   password , which should have taken  years to crack with bruteforce .
  • but it was only your vps on powerup? because on berman it wasnt only me
  • I dont recommend that vps too!! 

    VERY VERY SLOW... i'm running only 80 threads and only 1 project.... much slow.... gsa freeze everytime.
  • I am using berman VPS dual cpu, 2 GIG ram, slow as hell. Reminds me of running the VPS on some old 5000RPM notebook HDD ............
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