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4 Cores, 4 GB ram..still not able to Handle GSA?

Well I was trying out a VPS from other company and they have amazing stats 4 Cores 4 GB ram But still its unable to run GSA for long as it crashes where GSA gives out an error saying, too many projects running...I use a 2 GB ram VPS with 2 cores and it works perfectly fine there..Any idea what can be a problem here? Here is the screenshot of the system stats :


  • Is this a dedicated server or a shared server/vps ? Maybe too many users are on the same box. GSA is quite cpu intensive , so RAM specs hardly matter 
  • @spammasta I guess its a cloud server vps...You can check it here ..I ordered the medium version
  • How many threads you on ? All proxies proper ?
  • @Spammasta I tried with both 100 and 50 threads and both the times it crashed..I tried running scheduler, it crashed..Even after doing 1 project submission...same issue
  • I had a similar issue once ,

    >> Its either a compatibility issue with the OS you are on . Try running it on XP service pack 3 .

    >> Or the server sending random surges of high CPU use forcing it to shut down.

  • Yea i am trying to rebuild the server and will try again. If it doesnt I would rather move on ..Thanks for your help :)
  • Try volumedrive. We are using them over years.
  • Try SSD server, you'll notice the speed it gives to GSA SER
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