Remove Bad Account Data to Speed Up SER

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@Sven, my SER is getting slower by the day, and I'm struggling to meet the number of links I have to make a day.

I believe I've pin point the problem.

I exported my Account Data, sort it in Excel, and I noticed for many sites SER has registered multiple accounts for each email. Ideally it should be one account per email. Of course only one account will work, coz most sites will only allow one account per email.

E.g. this site,

SER has create six accounts using one email,

Adalberto / oU9bKgfTMF
Michaelge / xxxxxx  -> this one works, so password removed
YZDDaniel / ZTBzECz96K
AngelikaF / J11MdLHO1
RuthKendr / XuSkby88sR
Julissabf / pPIoZ5CF

The fact that these bad account data are still in SER's database, means SER will waste a lot time trying to login with bad account data.

How can I remove the bad account data to speed up SER?

I was a Ultimate Demon user before, and it will automatically remove bad account data after X number of failed logins...


  • interested in this @Sven would love to automatically delete dead account data
  • Why did SER created so many accounts on one site with the same email anyway?

    Is it a bug, or was it something I did? I was using public proxies, can it be caused by a bad proxy/connection?

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer

    this can have several causes. you imported accounts, older versions didn't remove things, or unknown other bugs. however the latest versions would remove accounts if they are not of any use (detected on login).

    However just had a look at the code and optimized it a bit for next version.

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