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Niche Related & Keywords

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited November 2012 in Need Help
I have been thinking about a few things lately. Bing and Yahoo love are improving my rankings and Google is doing it's own thing currently.

I have been wondering on the following.

1) How important are niche related links? Has anyone done any testing in this field and care to share any results?

1) How important are niche/keyword specific comments/links? I see a number of general forum/author bio/comments/guestbook that aren't generic. How important is it to actually include your link in the comment body and surround it with keywords RELATED to the niche rather than a generic "Thanks for the post..."

@fullspeed - reading between the lines on some of your other posts you did some testing in this regard?


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Any thoughts on this?
  • ronron
    edited November 2012

    Hey @GG:

    Issue 1: From my experience they make a difference. Can you still rank without them? Yes. Will your life be easier if you try and get related links? Yes. The most valuable are contextual links in an article that is niche related, and you already have that in GSA with blogs, microblogs and web 2.0. So you already have it covered.

    Issue 2: You can't have everything in your niche, so I would not sweat it. There's no way you can do massive linkbuilding and have everything niche related. Stupid simple generic posts all count. I am not doing anything special in this regard, just going with the defaults with great results.

  • 1)  Agree with @ron.

    2)  I would say that it's not THAT important, but everything you can throw into the mix is going to help.  Not ONE thing you do is going to have a HUGE impact in the ripple effect of things.  However, I *do* believe that we all need to take time out of the day to make human blog comments on niche specific blogs and definitely include some anchor text within the body and within contextually related content.  These WILL add up over time. I don't have any specific testing, because this would be HIGHLY isolated testing.
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