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Indexing + Link Juice

Hi, Does an article has to rank as well in Google to properly pass the link juice or only indexing it will do the trick? Thanks, Mark


  • just need to be indexed
  • thank you rodol. I concluded from the experiment that manually spun articles are not indexing in Google like scraped content. Maybe i am not putting an effort in indexing them. What do you recommend for indexing? Thanks
  • did you check the uniqueness?, it doesnt matter if its scraped content or manually spun articles, what matters is uniqueness... for indexing there are amazing indexing services promoted on this forum... you can also try gsa indexer.
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    Authority ranks. If your article has even the slightest notion of it (currently i.e. backlinks) it will rank. With non-unique content the problem then is how to push above all other sites that have the same content and become authoritative enough to outrank them (i.e. become the authority). Usually it's easier to do evasive maneuvers and have a unique text that lowers the need for authority (as there are no other matching texts) making it easier to rank. Quality and uniqueness are just subjective aspects of authority.
  • thank you all guys. @rodol, Ferryman, How much time an average spun article takes for indexing, if say it is 60-70% unique?
  • Also, is there any indexing service integrated with GSA that offers some free daily link submissions. Just want to see if that works for me. Thanks
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